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Referring Your Program

                                         Participants to CCES

     Complete applications with no shut off notice will receive a letter by mail notifying them of their eligibility.
     The HEAP benefit is typically applied 8-10 weeks after the application is processed. Applicants should
     continue making payments until the credit is applied to their account to prevent disconnection.


     Complete applications with a 15-day or 48-hour shut off notice and those that have been disconnected
     for less than 2 weeks will receive a letter by mail notifying them of their eligibility. However, they should
     contact their utility provider at least 48 hours after their application is submitted to obtain the following
            •    Benefit amount
            •    Remaining balance
            •    Make payment arrangements for their remaining balance

     If the Applicant does not contact their utility provider and/or fails to make payment arrangements for
     their remaining balance, they will receive another shut-off notice and will be at risk of having their
     utilities disconnected, even after a pledge has been made to their account.

     Deficient applications (regular and shut off notice) are returned to the applicant by mail with a notice
     requesting the necessary information and documents.

                     “                                                    Sandra Perez

                                                                          Property Manager,
                                                                          Stone Creek Apartments
                                                                          Watsonville, California
                         LIHEAP is a valuable resource…our residents that are seasonal
                         workers depend on LIHEAP to get through the winter months
                         when they have little to no income -
                         THEY COUNT ON IT TO SURVIVE.

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