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impact in the
                                  2017                               COMMUNITY

                                     Serving Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, San Mateo, and San Francisco Counties

                       Total LIHEAP Payment Assistance benefits disbursed to low-income households


           13,802                                                                        5,278

            Total number of low-income                                                households received assistance
             households that received                                                 to prevent disconnection or to
             LIHEAP benefits in 2017                                                       restore utility services

                10,794                                       3,215                                    8,066

       persons 60 years of age or older          children 5 years of age & under            persons living with a disability

                      $17,656                                                           2.55

                  Average yearly household income                                 Average household size

                      $123.95                                                     $332.08

              Average household monthly energy cost                   Average payment assistance benefit amount

                                                     invested in



                                                 THE WEATHERIZATION OF

                                                 LOW-INCOME DWELLINGS                                    777

              *These charts reflect the value of direct service. CCES also positively impacts communities in the region through employment and job training investments
              and local services, materials and supplies purchases. CCES is not funded through donations and does not compete with other not-for-profit organizations.
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