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impact in the
                          2016  COMMUNITY

                      Serving Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, and San Mateo Counties

                          Households                                    2,386             2,783              4,318
        7,685             Served in 2016

                          Monterey, San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties only

                       $3.3       Payment Assistance                   Children

                       million    Benefits  Received                  (5 years & younger)  Disabled          Elderly

   $17,337               Average yearly household income

     2.71                Average household size

   $93.95                Average household monthly energy cost

   $333.48               Average payment assistance benefit amount

                         Homes weatherized
     6,460               from 2010 to 2016

                         The total value of the direct services reimbursed by the state was over $8.6 million

                  Payment Assistance                                        Weatherization Savings & Efficiency
                  Over the last 5 years, CCES has                           On average, weatherization reduces
                  served over 44,000 households                             energy consumption by up to 35%,
                  with close to $17 million in utility                      saving households more than $400 on
                  payment assistance benefits.                              heating & cooling bills in the first year.

                  Outreach                                                  Preventing Service Disconnection
                  Emergency application assistance                          In 2016, CCES made 3,340 payment
                  is provided at over 30 partner                            assistance commitments to PG&E for
                  agencies throughout our service                           households to prevent disconnection
                  territory.                                                or to restore services.

          *These charts reflect the value of direct service. CCES also positively impacts communities in the region through employment and job training investments
          and local services, materials and supplies purchases. CCES is not funded through donations and does not compete with other not-for-profit organizations.
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