Page 2 - 2018 CCES Program Guide
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The mission of Central Coast Energy Services, Inc. is to improve
               household safety, health, and economic security within communities in

                  California. We foster community health and well-being by providing

                    energy conservation, consumer education & advocacy, home

                   improvement, utility assistance, job training, and other services to

                   people in need. We promote an environment of safety, hard work,
                                        teamwork, and high quality services.

                 “                                              Karen Tires

                                                                Los Gatos, California
                     Every year I anxiously wait for LIHEAP and that financial
                     break. One year I was actually completely out of food.
                     LIHEAP NEARLY SAVED MY LIFE.

                     Because of LIHEAP I am able to buy things I need like
                     good healthy food for my diabetes, car repairs, and
                     vehicle registration.
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