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       The 2019  HEAP program provides a one-time per calendar year credit on utility accounts of up to $349. The
       HEAP benefit may be applied to:
            •   Electric/Gas accounts
            •   Propane accounts
            •   Wood/Oil costs
            •   Sub-metered (mobile homes) accounts
            •   Utilities included in rent

       Emergency assistance is offered to households at risk of having their utilities disconnected as a result of

       non-payment. Households with 48-hour or 15-day shut off notices.

                                       HOME WEATHERIZATION SERVICES

       The Home Weatherization Program provides energy conservation measures for low-income households in
       an effort to reduce energy costs and improve health and safety. The Home Weatherization Program is FREE
       of  cost.  Special  priority  is  given  to  households  that  have  an  emergency  situation,  applicants  that  are

       disabled, senior citizens and households with children.

       Weatherization services include an on-site energy and safety assessment and possible installation of the
       following energy conservation and heat-loss measures:
             •   Dual-pane Windows                                      •   Thermostat
             •   Doors                                                  •   Weather-stripping
             •   Furnace                                                •   Caulking
             •   Water Heater                                           •   Porch Lamps

             •   Attic & Floor Insulation                               •   Water conservation measures
             •   Carbon Monoxide Alarm                                  •   Much more!
       Measures installed depend on the initial home assessment.

       The  HEAP  application  is  also  the  eligibility  application  for  the  Home  Weatherization  Program.  A
       Weatherization Service Agreement must be completed by both the tenant and the owner (or the owner’s
       authorized agent) for consideration. Homeowners and renters, including those who occupy mobile homes
       may apply.


       The  CARE  program  is  a  discount-rate  program  offered  by  PG&E  which  provides  eligible  low-income
       households with a 20% discount on utility bills for 2 years. Households on fixed incomes may be eligible for
       a 30% discount for 4 years. CARE applicants may also receive the HEAP benefit.

                             Access to CCES Program Information & Forms

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